As these are not racing number plates and used for racing or scoring purposes, the number background colour is not mandatory to match your number plate.

Please allow up to 7 working days for dispatch of custom products as they are made to order and take time to be designed, printed and produced.

Background colour options available correspond to the class the rider is competing in.

Find your colour needed by using the guide below:

Yellow: Men/Boys open age classes of 8 years old and above.

Orange: Sprocket riders/Boys and Girls of ages 7 and below.

Blue: Women/Girls open age classes of 8 years old and above.

Red: Any gender, competing on a 24 inch wheel size bike.

Purple: Mini Wheelers/ Kids competing on a balance / walking bike without pedals.

Green: Riders competing in the novice class age catagories.
White: Elite class riders
Black: Junior elite class riders

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Number Background Colour